About Us

The Cyber Warfare Range LLC ( formerly The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range – azCWR) is a registered Limited Liability Company with the State of Arizona. We are a licensed operator of cyber warfare ranges under the National Cyber Warfare Foundation (NCWF) which is a designated 501c3 public benefit organization (view 5013c3 profile). The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range is a registered dba of Cyber Warfare Range LLC.

The CWR ISAO is registered with the ISAO Standards Organization. You can see our listing on their web site. We started our ISAO in September 2018 and were accepted into the ISAO Standards Organization in October 2018.

Our growth was rapid and strong. Many companies sought to support our organization for all of the benefits it offers. Their primary reason for joining is our global threat intelligence feed. This feed is very large but allows our members to customize the data they receive.